Elephant in the Room

We talk about Alzheimer’s disease and dementia but rarely address issues of mental illness. Many of those affected by Alzheimer’s are also dealing with some form of mental illness. An estimated 20% of the adult population has been affected by a range of mental illness including depression, bi-polar conditions or OCD.

Caring for people suffering from dementia must include an understanding of other underlying issues that may be affecting their comfort, wellbeing, behavior and cognitive functioning. Only by addressing these issues can we ensure that the person with dementia is provided with optimum care for their welfare and comfort.

Ms. Marinelli will address issues and approaches required to help improve the quality of life for those affected by both conditions.

Presentation: Tuesday June 16; 10:00 to 11:30am
Program title: Alzheimer’s and Mental Illness, the Elephant in the room
Speaker: Bernie Marinelli, RN/BSN
Ask an expert program hosted by the Alzheimer’s Support Network of Naples, info@alzsupport.org
Location: 660 Tamiami Trail North, Suite 21 Naples, FL 34102;
For more information or to reserve a seat call 239- 362- 2376

Bernie Marinelli, RN/BSN, has focused her attention on helping seniors faced with health challenges remain in their communities. She is the co-founder of Cairn Park, a residential care organizations specializing in serving persons with atypical dementia and providing quality late-stage dementia care. She received her mental health and behavioral training at the Charles River Hospital in Massachusetts and at Alexian Behavioral Health Hospital in Illinois.